Altezza & auro lights


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Altezza & auro lights

What is the Difference Between -Altezza- and -Auro Lights-? Me and my friend Are having a Constant Aurgument over this Question.
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"Ghetto style" versus "Ricer" style? I don't know .

Both look butt ugly and should be illegal in my belief as they ruin the look of most cars, but that's my opinion.

Plug both of those terms you're lookin for in and see what comes up.

I thought friends are supposed to argue about whose car goes faster rather than who can make it look the most hideous? LOL
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These kids.....

I can still remember the days when we used to argue edlebrock vs holly carb, 302 vs 351 etc etc.

but hell, with these 17 second out of the box hondas, who needs performance parts, just add tail lights and stickers.
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omg! I just wanted to know, LOL....I had no Intention on Putting Altezza's or auro's on my Delta 88 or my friends Pontiac Lemans.

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