Pinging Camry


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Pinging Camry

Fearless and reliable steamin' old '90 Camry, 4 cyl, a/t
w. 165K on it is wheezing on the hills a bit
Gets exceptional mileage for its age (33-35mpg), even with the pinging as it climbs grades on the X-way.
No stop-go - 99% expressway driving to/from job, 60 mi/day.
Sits all week-end.
Assuming it's EGR? Vacuum? Came on quickly, if that's a help
Tuned up late 2000
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Carbon in the EGR valve, poor quality gas or a timing issue.

First, change brands of gas, keeping the same grade, if not, switch brands, barring that, clean/replace the EGR valve. Barring that, investigate a possible timing issue.

Go in that order.
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carbon or timing belt

Like Joe said change brand of fuel.Also how long has it been since the timing belt was replaced.They do stretch and your timing will never be right.Also like Joe said the EGR might have carbon build up.Dont slack off on timing belt changes I had one break not a pretty sight.
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Check for vacuum at the egr valve.You may need a manual for the proper test procedure.Is your car running a little warmer than usual?Could be a cooling system or cooling fan proplem.You may at this mileage also have fuel concerns or carbon deposits in your cylinders.Another possibility is lean(slightly clogged injectors)causing the engine to detonate.Fact is on a car this old and mileage stated you may have several problems adding up to this symptom.
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Went to fill up w. a different brand; had a senior moment and topped it with the usual Citgo. Runs fine. He must have gotten a bad batch.
Going in for lube/oil/filter, and definitely having them look at the belt, EGR, etc.
Hopefully, with the patient and expert advice from you guys,
the Camry and I can both retire in '05.
Thanks very much and Happy New Year's, troops.
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Good deal and good luck in retirement !

I've got another 20 to 30 years to go (depending on where I wind up with a job down the

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