oil in air filter


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oil in air filter

My car has been idling roughly and I began checking things and noticed some oil in the air filter and around the filter housing.
I am driving an 87' Olds cierra.

What's up?


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things to check

What you have is called blowby first make sure that the PCV valve is working good take it out and shake it and clean it with some carb cleaner. Check the hose the connects to it and make sure it is not off or broken. Do a compression check of the engine.
Worst case is worn rings on the cylinders=OVERHAUL.
good luck
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The pcv will cost jusst as much as a can carb. cleaner
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yep thats right

Yep Fordman is correct just get a new one.I forget I have that carb cleaner by the cans in my garage but most peope dont have it.I always have too much stuff around here and my wife keeps telling me to get rid of it but I tell her you never know when I might need it.
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Buy a new PCV valve and make sure the hoses aren't clogged and the system works right.

Barring that, blowby as mentioned. Engine's wiped and on borrowed time.

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