Camry Door


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Camry Door

97 Camry LE 4cyl 45K

My mother has a 97 camry and for as long as I can remember the drivers side door never closes properly. If you don't really SLAM the door shut the courtesy light stays on and the door open idiot light is lit. When getting out if you close it with normal pressure the door really isn't closing properly. Basically, it doesn't close unless you slam it shut. Any idea what this could be? (hinge?) The other doors are fine.
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Misaligned door, wiped striker or wiped latch.
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My nissan did that and the occasional squirt of wd-40 in the catch mechanism fixed the problem
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Top of window frame may be contacting body before lower part of door. If the door "pops" more when you open it than the pass side this is your problem. The upper frame needs to be adjusted (tweaked).

Common problem on Camrys of this year

To adjust, close the door with a dollar bill between the frame and body. Check the tension on the dollar bill when you pull it.

Adjust by rolling down the window and smacking (use the plam of your hand) the open door upper frame till there is a slight tension on the dollar bill.

You'll be suprise how much the frame moves

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Larry's the Toyota expert and come to think it, I do recall what he's saying (I know a few folks that have this era Camry).

Pretty bad that it warps/bends like that. Lol. Ya "ain't" doing that with a door like my 84 Olds....that door weighs a ton!

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