'89 Olds 88 - stumble gone!


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'89 Olds 88 - stumble gone!

A while back, I posted about a stumble on acceleration and at steady speed in my wife's '89 Olds 88, 3.8l V-6. I can't remember who, but someone (or two) recommended cleaning the MAP sensor with carb cleaner. It was also suggested that I clean the throttle body with a special cleaner available at the parts store. While I still need to do the throttle body, let me report that cleaning the MAP sensor worked wonders! The car used to stumble just shifting from park to a "motion" gear. We have driven the car all weekend, and haven't been able to make it hesitate. This forum has not failed to deliver for me; this is just one more example. Thanks to all! - Chris
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Ya mean the MAF (mass air flow) sensor . Either way, bravo and good job.

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