plastic headlight yellowing

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plastic headlight yellowing

what causes the plastic headlights to yellow? does the yellowing affect the light emmiting from the headlights? If so isn't the yellowing a safety issue? Lastly, is there a way to repair the yellowing?

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Dirt, heat and moisture that get fused to the light. Gone are the great old days of replacing a 10 dollar halogen for a new one when that happened. Also, most composite lenses are plastic, not glass, which contributes to the problem.

The only alternative is replacement if they are that bad.
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ok, i've heard that rain-x will pull the yellow out but not the white hazing. another suggestion is drilling a 1/8 inch hole it it.
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That drains the water out but also allows moisture in too .
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i got some plastic polish for plexiglass. it and a little elbow grease did the trick. don't need to spend $150 for each headlight. I can see at night again.
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That means that your problem was OUTSIDE on the lens . Sometimes it's inside and no cleaning will help .

Good job .
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Headlight Restoration

There is something called headlight restoration. It is a sanding, polishing and sealant for headlights. I think you can buy it at a automotive store.
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If it is inside, you will probably have to buy a used one. I heard of puting them in your oven! LOL If it is outside you can buy a restoration kit and do it yourself. If you have an car care place close to you, you could call them to ask if they do it. Malco makes a product, its like a liquid wax look to it. You use a high speed buffer and that stuff and its amazing the difference.
They have a bunch of clips on you tube about this and other products!! I use it all the time on the vehicles I detail. Good luck!!
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Headlight yellowing

Go to Canadian tire or your nearest auto store and get a new spray that is out and it cleans the yellow from inside the lens just like the new spray that cleans your tires without scrubbing, same principle. but needs to drain a bit or it evaporates? Just read about it but I will try it when needed.
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This question was asked 6 years ago and the OP is no longer a member. Thread closed.
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