fog light wiring faulty?


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fog light wiring faulty?

i installed some fog lights tonight. here is the wiring setup.

here's what i got...


1 - hot (battery)
2 - Acc (lights)
4 - Ground


87 - positive on lights.
85 - ground.
30 - to fuse, then to battery.
86 - to #2 on switch.

now the problem is is that sometimes the lights will not turn off. i flip the switch, and they stay on. i've checked the connections, they seem tight. i turned the lights on, jiggled all connecctions, and the lights did not blink. when the lights would not turn off, i pulled the switch out of the dash, check the connections, jiggled a bit,, nothing. i flipped the switch a few more times, pressing a little harder this time, and they truned off. could it be a faulty switch? a bad ground? any ideas?

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Type of vehicle they were installed on? What wiring diagram(s) were consulted when wiring it?
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2000 nissan 4x4 crewcab.

there are a few other people that have wired up the lights this way, and they work fine.

no diagram to follow per say.
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Why not? You don't go down a road you don't know without a road map, nor does a doctor just pick "Enney, meanie, miny moe" to pick out what medicine to give you when you are sick.

In the same way, in automotive repair, we use a diagram of how things work when we want to tap into and modify it.

Get the diagram...something's hooked up wrong somewhere, and one of the wires isn't what you think it is

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