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I have a 1982 Subaru GL, 1.8L Engine (not that it is important anyways). About two months ago the air conditioner and heater stopped working. I turned the air conditioner on, it ran for a few minutes, then stopped. I switched it on and off and it still wouldn't work. I thought it might be the blower, but the compressor doesn't even kick in when I turn the AC on. Could it be the switch? I checked all the fuses and they are all good. Could it be something that I am missing? I really need the it to move air now that it is cold and windows are fogging up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Are you stating the blower fan doesn't work at all? Any speeds? Or that the A/C system doesn't blow cold air?

If the fan doesn't work at all, locate the fan. Bring power from the battery to the fan. If the fan spins, the fan motor is ok. If not, it's wiped. Replace it.

If the fan works, then the blower motor resistor might be bad. Hit any Subaru dealer for a replacement and ask them the location. Usually one screw and probably 15 minutes to change.
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The blower motor doesn't turn on at all, at any speed. The AC blows cold air fine... when the blower worked. Now it doesn't move air at all. But the AC compressor doesn't kick in either when I turn on the switch. Does that even make a difference?
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Do as I stated above with regard to testing the blower fan and let us know what you find.
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In addition to checking the blower fan, also check to see if the condensor fan is coming on. Some cars are designed to disable the compressor if the condensor fan does not "kick on". This prevents damage to the system due to high head pressure. It would help explain why the A/C ran for a short time, then shut off.

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