98 Toyota Tercel


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98 Toyota Tercel

Hello,I have a 1998 tercel 5-speed 16 valve 4 cyl.with apx 95k on it.It feels like the clutch may be slipping in it but i was told that it was the timing belt slipping!Would the car react like the clutch slipping?I know they recomend you do the belts on tercels at apx.100k and i intend to get it done.But do you think it sounds like a clutch problem as well?????Thanks
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98 Tercel Clutch

Would not feel the same.
Clutch would be a hestitation when you released the pedal, timing belt has teeth on it and once it slipped (if that is what happened) your engine would likely shut down and then not restart.
Get somebody who knows how to diagnose a broken belt and/or clutch.
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The question is what do you feel when you are driving?

If the timing were off, the car would likely run like crap all the time. The timing belt and water pump should be done every 60,000 miles or so as a matter of course on this type of car to prevent a breakdown and possible engine damage (if it's an interference engine).

As noted, a slipping clutch feels different. Find someone who can tell ya the difference after you describe it and feel it for yourself

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