1986 VOLVO 740 GLE Won't Start


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1986 VOLVO 740 GLE Won't Start

I have a 1986 Volvo 740 GLE that will not start. I am not sure how many miles are on it because the odometer was broken when I purchased it. I would guess it has at least 200+ K miles.

The last time I drove it was 5 - days ago and it ran fine with no noticable problems. It was parked on my steep inclined driveway until I tried to drive it yesterday. I live in Tampa, FL and in the last five days the weather has produced very large amounts of rain and the temperature has dropped about 20 degrees.

When I tried to start it, it turned over and fired and started. Once started it sputtered as if it was not getting enough fuel or too much air. Pushing the throttle had no response one way or the other. It was if the thing was only running on one cylinder.

When I put it in gear it moved along slowly and in rythm with the sputtering. Pushing the gas to the floor did very little to change the pace of the vehicle. It eventually would stall out.

I checked the throttle cable and it looked fine.

I am looking for a place to start. any suggestion would be appreciated.

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Start with my "The Basics" below and tell us what you find.
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Now it starts.

After working my way through the fuel system (replace fuel filter, test both fuel pumps) I found little to be concerned with. My next thougfht was ignition. As it turned out, my hood let some water in and that drained right onto the distribution cap. it was really bad inside there.

Well it is all good now. New cap and rotor, sparkplugs, fuel flter. I have to believe that there are better ways to tune up your car.
Thanks for a great site.

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