89 voyager

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89 voyager

i have a 89 voyager (2.5 turbo) and have a few really odd ball questions:
1 how do i find out what the horse power rating is for this engine not that it matters but am curious as it was rebuilt and has under a thousand on it?
2 it is missing the air cleaner box (suprised it ran as good as it did) the haynes book chiltons book and mitchell guide do not show a good pic of it and i am wondering how the lines /hoses hook up?
3 i under stand that there was a voyager, voyager se, voyager le and voyager turbo 1 and 2 the last half of the name plate is boken off (with the foam adhesive) and the title does not say how do i find out whitch i have?
4 lastly my van has 14 inch rims but i know that they also had 15 inch rims available was the bolt patern the same and how can i find out what other modar rims might interchange?

I know this is a lot and probobly should have done sepppetate post's but just got home from work and forgot to ask around there and am going parts shopping in the next couple of days while on vacation
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If you really want to know the specifics of your vehicle than the first thing to get is the Factory Service Manual. Try going to www.bookfinder.com and do a search for your vehicle. I saw 2 of them for sale $25 and $42...thats where I would start. If you want more deatailed info than you can get ahold of a copy of the Factory parts manual. You might also try poking around at www.allpar.com for some info. Since you have a turbo the Factory Manual would be a wise investment. Another choice might be a 1 yr subscription at www.alldatadiy.com for $25. Thats an excellant site. www.books4cars.com is another source of manuals.
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Stevo said it well.

Dymet is the company that does Chrysler's OEM service books. If you're into this thing for the long haul, or plan to do any repairs, this is the book to buy. You can get it used, just as good. The link to their contact information is in my "The Basics" post below.

As for wheel interchanges, consult any salvage yard that uses the "Hollander Interchange System" (just about all do). They will have a book with photos of the wheels and what fits what as well as the bolt patterns. I don't recommend you swap wheels as you will change the speedometer reading and perhaps cause rubbing problems with the wrong size tires. Also, Voyagers with 15" wheels may have different drive and suspension parts than their lighter duty 14" conterparts, so another reason I wouldn't recommend it.

As for how the lines hook up under the hood, there is an emission control diagram under the hood with a basic layout of all the lines and what goes where. Failing that, and a copy of the factory manual, find another Turbo Voyager in the junkyard and look at how it's hooked up there and make some notes. You'll probably have to get a used airbox for it anyhow from another junked Caravan.

Turbo I and Turbo II refer to intercooled and non intercooled Turbo engines. I believe that only refers to 2.2 engines (8th digit of the vin is an A or an E). The 8th digit of your Vin # should be a J if you have a 2.5 turbo as I recall

Unforunately, this was not a reliable engine or platform and is a very problematic vehicle, so be careful about dumping tons of green into it. Just drive it and take care of it with basic maintenance to keep it going.

As for SE, LE, etc, usually a digit in the Vin # tells you which trim level you have. It is probably SE or LE as the Turbo engine is an upgrade to a regular Voyager. If you visit any Chrysler dealer's parts counter, the parts man/lady should be able to find it in "General Information" in the 1989 Passenger Car Parts Catalog. One book covers all 1989 models of Chrysler except Imports and Trucks. The Caravan/Voyager models are cataloged with the cars in 1989 in Chrysler's parts nomenclature.

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