Spray Can Undercoating Questions


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Question Spray Can Undercoating Questions

My volunteer fire department converted an old bread delivery truck into a utility "squad" truck for carrying extra equipment and pulling small trailers. We've done new gaskets, radiator, hoses, shocks, brakes, belts, tune-up, exhaust, etc etc ourselves and the auto parts store gave us a surprise donation of 1 case (12 cans) of 18 ounce spray-on undercoating and a filter disc respirator.

I degreased and powerwashed the chassis, wheel wells, and under the floor, and wirebrushed some rust spots. It's clean, dry and I think it's ready for undercoating. Questions: Should I spray primer on those old rust spots before I spray on the undercoating? What's OK to spray undercoating on & what down there should not get undercoated?
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Hello NutAndBoltKing, sounds like you and your friends have a great project going! Consider Loctite Rust Converter which will convert rust to a sandable/paintable primer and can be painted/undercoated in about an hour. Small quantities can be found at auto parts stores, can be brushed on and a small amount goes forever. This stuff is the best thing to come along in a while. Other brands work but Loctite is the best I have used.....Mike
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The best rust converter/preventative, bar none is POR15. Check it out at POR15.com

It spreads well. It turns metal to an epoxy coated sealed surface. It has to be topcoated or it fades. It's great.

Not to mention, N&B King, it is made in your neck of the woods by Restomotive Labs in Whippany, NJ .
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I appreciate the product advice and links, but I really need to know what I can spray the undercoating on - and what I should NOT spray undercoating on.

I've never done this before.

I don't plan on spraying undercoating on the exhaust, the grease fittings or on the wire connectors, but can I spray our undercoating on the driveshaft and universal joints, hanger bearing, wheel backing plates, etc etc?

What should NOT be undercoated?
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just do not spray it on anythin u wanna take apart in the future
all i would do is "The Body" not the chassis u can do it if carefull
as for rust converters hehehehehe dat chit dont work i have been in the autobody trade since i was 4 years old and im 32 now only way to remove rust i have seen is 1. sandblast it
2. meratic acid and 3. wire brush sorry to burst ya bubble
as for the under coating its really not needed unless u r around salt. ohh and as for putting something over the spots u clean up befor undercoating if its bare metal and ya really wanna put something on it try primer surfacer as for wat type depends on your buget u could even use rustolium paint
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Again, why hell bent on using undercoating? Unless you're tarring a road, leave that stuff in the can! .

I have had great experience with the POR15 and so have millions of restorers out there, including folks with high dollar concourse cars.

After you're done with the POR15, shoot it with chassis black and it's all done .
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Job Done - Thanks

Wanted to do the undercoating only because it was free stuf, a donation. Wouldn't do it if I had to buy anything. What the heck, can't hurt anything, can it? This isn't a truck for parades and throphies. I found a can of red-lead and brushed two coats on the rusty areas that I wirebrushed. Jacked it up, put it on stands, pulled the wheels, and did everything except the exhaust and grease fittings and wire connectors. Thanks for all the really good sound advice.

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