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keep the Datsun or trash it?? I only paid $150. 4 months ago and the little thing run. is there any place I can buy used parts for this car?--- the trans seems to slip while in drive, it will go in and out of gear.
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It might help to know what model Datsun you're talking about.
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As Knuckles said, it depends on what year.

If you paid 150 for it, it can't be that great and is probably best as a parts car. With a wiped tranny, you're easily looking at 500 bucks for a rebuild, 200 bucks or so used, and depending on the condition of the rest of the vehicle, it's probably not worth it.

For 150 bucks it's probably ready for scrap, as 150 bucks buys parts for most cars .

Nissans/Datsuns are lackluster vehicles---cut your losses, donate this heap and pick up something newer, safer, and more reliable. In turn, you'll make a wise investment.
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hey josh, datsuns are like dinousars,they become exstinct for a put it where it belongs.
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Does the same reasoning apply to ALL extinct nameplates?

I hope it does. I'd love to pick up an old Packard at the junkyard!


You might be surprised to learn that there is a collector market for certain Datsun cars. The early 240Zs, the '74 260Z, the Fairlady & the 710 sedan all have cult followings.
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While true, the average 70's Datsun is nothing more than a dust collector . Most will never achieve collectable status.

Nissan tried to sell refurbished Z cars through dealers and the program was a flop. However, GM restoration parts has flourished as has Motorsport and Direct Connection from Mopar.

Yet, go through any Hemmings magazine and you'll see plenty of 70's Chevy models. From the Vega up through the Caprice. Trucks, cars, memorabilia.

Pick any 60's Pontiac or Oldsmobile. All collectable.

I just sold some 74 Camaro literature on Ebay for 15 bucks that I found sitting in a junked car in the junkyard. The bidder like me, "Had to have it". Geez, even an old Pettibone manual I got with my 1960 Craftsman toolbox sold faster than other things I had. LOL

A rotted Super Duty Trans Am or a 455 HO Trans Am in terrible shape would outvalue a Z car anyday. The average SS Chevelle in boxes would outsell the mintest Z car on the whole.

Whole industries have sprung up around American performance cars more so than any Nissan.

I know what you mean, but 70's Nissans are nothing to oooh and ahhh over, including the Z car. Except for it running well (due to the Bosch designed fuel injection system), those cars are horrific rotboxes that weren't stellar performers.

The Yugo is extinct and went the way of the dinosaur too.
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I didn't say that '70s Nissans were fantastic performers or that they especially reliable or rust-resistant. LOL

My only point was that there is a market, albeit a small one, that values certain models from the '70s.

The early Z cars were relatively quick & very nimble with near perfect weight distribution. The 4 speed models were a blast to drive.
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Thumbs up


But even in terms of collectability, they don't hold a candle to any American car that's remotely collectable .

About the only advantage they have is the OEM very rarely discontinues anything, so if you want a factory floor pan, you can get it. You're going to pay and wait though. LOL .

"A New Breed of Wow"==== ' 79 Pontiac T/A Ad.
"Very Rare, Very Well Done" '79 10th Anniversary.

No Nissan of that era can touch that .

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