cattletic converter/Ford Explorer


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Question cattletic converter/Ford Explorer

1998 V8 Ford Explorer has "check engine light on. Diagnostics say it is the Cattletic converter needing replacement costing $3000.
Is this an accurate acceptable amount for such a job?
No symptoms other than the light and maybe a engine heat smell, no loss of power, yet .
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no that is not an accurate price for a catylitic convertor wich is part of the exhaust system although a convertor usually runs anywhere from 150 - 300 dollars check around at exhaust shops in your area and see what they charge,
are you sure the shop was reffering to the catylitic convertor and not the torque convertor wich would be more expensive.
what was the trouble code they retrieved from the computer?
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I'm with BeJay. You need to furnish us with more information.
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Post the error code for the problem. If they didnt give you that code than have the computer re-scanned by someone like Autozone, they'll scan for free. Once you have the code/s get back to us.
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Catalytic convertors are also covered under federal emission laws.A lot of folks don't know this and also the dealers don't and sometimes won't tell the folks because they want that money!!
If i remember(each year vehicle differs),it's 100,000 miles for that year.It might be worth a shot to check it out if it actually is a convertor problem.Also a convertor will not just burn out without something usually causing it to,especially being a 1998 model vehicle.
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I can see the wear of the catalytic converter wearing faster w. a poor fuel/air mixture increasing the temperature of the converter and subsequent cool down/heatup. However 3000 bones is ridiculous! Most likely it is the oxygen sensor or sensors that failed. FORD loves to put too many catalytic converters and sensors in their exhaust.

My 96Mustang GT had 4 sensors and 6 converters!

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catalytic converter problem?

Thanks for all the input, we are in the process of finding out what the computer noted as "trouble code".
As I said the check engine light is still on but we note no problem with the car's running at present. When the light has been reset it does stay off for awhile but comes back on.

We are thinking of ordering the part we need online from Ford as that may trim the price quoted from the German garage. I think they get slapped with lots of extra import charges than we would. The US garage was saying we may need a right and left and front and back converter at about $500 each part. That goes along with one comment that there may be more than one needed. Is it when in doubt change them all?
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I think you need to find a different garage .

First of all SOMETHING ruins a converter. They do not just "wear" out. I have the ORIGINAL converters on all my cars and they are 20+ years old .

You must find out why the check engine light is on. And if the converter is the problem, something caused it to get that way. That must be found and determined otherwise, the new converters will suffer the same fate.

I take it you are out of the U.S. somewhere? You might want to e-mail Ford's customer service and find a Ford dealer in your region who will have better knowledge of the vehicle than these other folks who seem to just be guessing.
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Claire55, sometimes when replacing catalytic convertors the aftermarket convertors will actually take the place 2 of the originals. My 1991 Merc has 2 convertors on each pipe before the muffler...a total of 4! If I were to buy Ford parts these would list price somewhere at $500 per pipe or $1000 to do both sides. I can get direct replacement convertors from the aftermarket for around $150 per side and these bolt right up and are approved by the EPA for replacements. Shop around and by all means get those codes again. Good Luck-Stevo

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