Camry 2-4 second acceleration/hesitation


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Question Camry 2-4 second acceleration/hesitation

New user with a problem - 1999 Toyota Camry bought new with an acceleration/hesitation problem. The car is fine for 5-7 minutes after starting (winter or summer), then the problem surfaces intermittently. The engine noise increases (as if to accelerate) but after 2-4 seconds the RPMs decrease, as if the engine is braking itself. The vehicle typically does not truly accelerate, but produces a lurch forward, halted by my braking or the braking of the engine itself. No lights are enabled on the dash, no stalling, and has been present for over 1 year. Mechanics at multiple Toyota dealers are stumped after having replaced various parts. Coincidentally and possible unrelated, but the emissions failed in the last year on the car and components replaced; no warning lights came on to diagnose that instance. Acceleration problem disappeared for 2 weeks, then returned with its intermittent pattern.

Any ideas out there? - we're rather desparate! Nearly had an accident in the snow over the Christmas holidays in Philly. All suggestions appreciated!
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In my mind, if you've brought it back for the same problem multiple times (and complained under warranty), the vehicle MAY be eligible for buyback as a lemon.

Have the dealer call up Toyota's main tech line in Torrance for help. Demand that it be fixed. Talk to the dealership manager where you bought the car. If this problem has been ongoing since day 1 and you complained about it, you should have recourse on it.

Also check for any known bulletins or recalls that might pertain to this problem.
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Need more info

4 or 6 cly, how many miles, mileage when problem started, maint records,what parts did they replace for your problem and then for insp failure
If Iunderstand this problem started a year ago and not since new?

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in reply to previous posts, the car is V6 3.0L engine, has only 30K miles, and had about 20K when the problem began about a year ago (was not present for the first 2 years). Review of maintenace records shows religious care at manufacturer's recommended frequencies. Five repair bills document my complaints about the RPM increase starting Oct 01. Upon closer review there were never any parts actually replaced in an attempt to solve the stated problem; but parts were replaced due to check engine light illumination (like air fuel ratio sensor and fuel injector assembly Feb 02 at 22,500 service visit, and mass airflow sensor AND both? air fuel ratio sensors in Nov 02) or the emissions failure (catalytic converter Nov 02 at 29,000 miles). Mechanics at Toyota dealer and AAA Diagnostic Center who have driven the car either do not experience the lurch, or attribute it as normal for the transmission - possibly the torque converter lock? causing the RPMs to drop, which may be felt as a bump or lurch. No known bullitens or recalls are apparent from the titles listed on the website given by Joe_F.

Thanks all for any ideas as before
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