84 honda accord


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tammy le
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84 honda accord

I am having trouble with my 1984 honda accord it will start and run but while running the battery light will come on then the engine will cut off and all power is lost, then i am unable to start the car agian for a long time, i drove the car home having this problem over and over, now i can not get it to start. I have replaced the alternator and voltiage regulator,after this i still had the problem i have replaced the coil and wire running to it and still can not get the car to run. I am at a loss i am in the process of rechecking all the wires to the battery agian. i would appreicate any and all advice.:
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Have you checked the fuses and fuse links under the hood? If memory serves correct, there should be 1 fuse just for the charging system. Alternator may be ok, but not actually charging the battery..
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I agree. Also, is this a carbureted or fuel injected Accord? To my recollection, there were both in 1984.

Start with my "The Basics" below as well.
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tammy le
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Thanks for the suggestions, my car is carberated, I have checked the fuses in the car , and under the hood, i ran across a problem there are four pronged metal fuses under the hood . I have no clue if they are bad or not and can not find them in any manual on the car. So i wonder if one of these are the problem??? I also have had the battery checked and the cables replaced, and still it will not stay runing. If someone know anything about these fuses maybe that would help I am unable to find them anywhere to replace them. Thanks Tammyle
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I suggest you get hold of either a 25 dollar Alldata.com subscription or a factory Honda manual which will detail more about the fuses in question.

(I think you mean relays, not fuses).
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The metal fuses you talk about may be your fusible links. If any of these were blown it would not cause an intermittent start problem. If they are corroded or making a bad connection they might cause some problems. Go back to the basics and see if you are getting spark when you cannot start the engine. Hondas do have a habit of having a bad ignition module/ignitor. If the engine stops due to no spark the alternator light will come when it starts to stall.

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