95 Dodge Noen


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Question 95 Dodge Noen

I am about to purchase a 95 Dodge Neon (for my 16 yr old son) which had its timing chain replaced 2 yrs ago,,, it has 122k miles on it now but they said it probably has more like 30 or 40 with the new rebuilt.
We took it for a spin and when I started it, it sounded kinda rough, but when I placed it in gear I immediately asked is the transmission bad? it drives a little rough sounding and my son noticed it will need new shocks, but he also said it was in good condition for 2k which they will take for it. My concern is will I be stuck with something that I will have to put another 2k into it? They said it leaks a little oil, gaskets may need replacing... they are going to get the paper work to show me for the engine rebuilt....

Am I about to make a wise decision???
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darrell McCoy
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My opinion is I would pass on this auto. Add a few more bucks and get a heavier more reliable car. Even if you have to go a couple years older. Me thinks there are better auto's than that for a 16 Y.O. They are out there. Shop around some and dont make any snap decisions. My 2 cents.
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No. 2 bucks would be donating to charity for this car without expecting change. It's a wicked heap and a viscious moneypit.

1) Neons are crap. Always were, still are. 1995 is the first year and it's RIDDLED with problems.

2) This vehicle has a leaking head gasket and it was never fully fixed by Chrysler. It has been a recurring problem. You'll dump a ton of green into this.

3) Tranny sounds wasted too. Car sounds like it has many sins.

Skip this one and step up to something more reliable for a bit more money. 2 grand won't buy you a decent parts car today. LOL.

If you're hellbent on buying it, a 1000 bucks at best and your wallet will still be empty.
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I gotta agree. I was still at the Dodge dealership when those things came out. We immediately began working on them, lol (not a good sign for a shop to be full of 3month old cars). I wouldn't want to have to rely on one of them.

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