side view mirror


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side view mirror

I have a 2000 Subaru Outback Wagon and am trying to replace just the side view mirror. The problem I'm having is I can't seem to get the mirror to snap inside the plastic cover. The plastic cover has a small lip. The mirror needs to fit inside the lip all around. Is there a special tool that will allow me to wedge in the mirror ? Do I have to heat the plastic slightly ?

Any help would be appreciated.
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Maybe you could try spraying the mirror and the housing with some spray Silicone Lubricant available from the auto parts store? Make sure they are both at a warm temperature..are you working in a heated garage? Hair dryer may help warm up the mirror housing a bit, just dont get too carried away with the heat. I've never changed one.
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Did you buy new Subaru parts you're trying to install or are you trying to reattach something that fell off?

It might be what you're trying to do isn't a service operation...that is that once it falls off like that (or is knocked off), it cannot be reattached.

Stevo gave you some good ideas.
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I got the mirror at the Subaru parts store. Basically, my mirror broke. The plastic housing and motor works fine. The problem is the plastic housing has this lip which the mirror is supposed to fit inside. As I try to wedge the mirror in, I can get about half of it in. I tried using a screw driver to try to wedge the rest of it in but I'm afraid that the plastic does not expand very easily. I ended up chiping some of the mirror. Do you think just using a blow dryer will loosen the plastic enough for me to slip in ?
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Have you simply asked the Subaru dealer how they do it? The parts guys are usually helpful and will help out a customer if you buy the part from them.

Sounds like something's amiss here, or not being done right.
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Never done one, but here is my $.02.
Use the hair dyer to relax the plastic, not to much, you want it to hold is shape after you are done. Instead of using a screwdriver, look for a old feeler gauge or dental pick. They are much thinner and will not put as much pressure on the mirror or plastic.
Get the mirror started into the plastic and than use the feeler gauge/dental to continue the "beading" process. Much like the way you would seal the bead on a tire.
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The hair dryer did the trick !!!!

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