1993 olds cutlass supreme (ratteling noise)


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Question 1993 olds cutlass supreme (ratteling noise)

the noise seems to be coming from the converter, but the noise is worse when the service engine soon light comes on, could it be the knock sensor. Any advice might be helpful, thanx
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Have you pulled the error codes off the computer? whats the level and condition of the tranny fluid?
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Start with "The Basics" below.
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1993 Olds cutlass

It's a 93 olds cutlass supreme w/ a 3.1 MFI. The problem started about two years ago when I drove the car into 3 feet of water(playing around) and filled the pistons and crankcase with water.
I proceeded to empty them and chaned the oil, then drove the car for about 2 days and changed the oil again. No problems with water in the oil or any sign of new noises. I continued to drive it for about a week and then it started to make this rattle, I thought that water had worked its way through the motor and into the exhuast (converter) and shattered the honeycolmb inside. So, I let it go thinking that it was just that. Well, a few days passed and the service engine soon light started to come on. I took it to my local garage and asked a few questions, they laughed at the story and told me to change the oxygen sensor.
So, I did, the problem was still there. The performance of the motor didn't seem affected by the noise or the light that came on occasionally. I continued to drive it to work everyday for about 3 months, then it happened, I was driving my usual route, and there was a slow vehical ahead, I went to pass the vehical and the olds made a big swooshing sound as I passed The oil light came on, and I knew that the engine had met it's maker. I proceeded to change the engine, that I had bought at a good price, the only problem with the engine was it wasn't an exact fit. So, I had to swap some parts from the old engine to the next, (mounts and plentum) . Everything went together smoothly after that. I started the engine, waited a few minutes and the light came back on and the engine started to rattle again, so frustrated with it, I just continued to drive it and it didn't get any worse until recently, a year and six months later. Now, the light stays on all the time and the engine hesitates slightly driving up hill. Now what??? I feel I can fix the problem with some good advice instead of trying to part it out. please tell me what you think, Thanx again.
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Sounds like a mess to me. LOL

What is the motor from? What trouble codes do you get when you pull them? If in doubt, go to any Autozone and see if they will pull your trouble codes They do not charge for this service.

Barring that, you may have gotten some grounds or other parts wet/ruined by getting water into them.

As you found out, the Oldsmobile is not an amphibious vehicle .
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Ha, Ha Joe, Thanks for your input, I will take it to the nearest Autozone and have them pull the codes, but, I know how to do that without them, but, maybe they can give me a better idea as to what may be causing the noise and the light to come on, I apprieciate all of your help.

All Parted Out,
Thanks again,

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