96 Voyager Fuel Door


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96 Voyager Fuel Door

Are there any on-line body work references other than Chiltons? I need to replace a fuel door on a 96 Voyager. The left side sliding door is linked into the assembly to prevent the door from sliding back and breaking an open fuel door. Chiltons doesn't have the r&r for this (at least when i look under 96 voyager - 96 was the first year for this body style i believe). TIA
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Hit your Chrysler dealer for an exploded view.

Failing that, an Alldata.com subscription or the Chrysler service manual would be the best bet.
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I just went ahead and did it (body shop wanted $140 for a new one painted and installed). Here's how -

1. open fuel door and remove screws that hold the 'fuel door frame' to the 'gas tank intake'
2. remove left rear tire
3. remove plastic 'rivets' (4) that hold the wheel well liner to body - they're probably going to break - go to auto store first so you don't have to put tire back on prematurely to go to store! -now remove the liner
4. reach up and unclip the fuel door frame from body - there are three clips, but if you get the two you can see it will come loose
5. the fuel door is attached to a rod bent at 90 degree angle - push the fuel door frame out of the body a little to see it - the rod is what keeps the sliding door from opening while the fule door is open - there is a white plastic clip that holds the rod in place - your fingers are strong enough to push the clip off - good thing - no room for a tool! - BE CAREFUL HERE - i don't know if the rod could actually slip into the body and be unreachable - for me i just gingerly removed it and let it dangle - a very small vise grip could probably be hung from the bend so it couldn't go anywhere - i idn't have one small enough
6. push the rod up and out of the fuel door frame - the frame (and fuel door) will now slide out so it can be repaired/replaced

with the thing out i was able to epoxy a broken door back together - no way to use a clamp or even position it right with it on the car - course don't know how long the epoxy will hold - at least i haven't spent $140 yet!?

reverse procedure to reinstall
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How long did the epoxy job last?
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If I remember right - about 4-5 days. It's plastic, I've given up on finding an expoxy that will work, plus no good way to clamp

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