93 ford ranger


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Question 93 ford ranger

have a knocking noise. oil is full. if i would dump a quart of oil in it it stops knocking. as soon as it seems the oil runs down the knocking begins again. same power, no problems running, i may also add it is a v6 3.0 liter engine. the only thing that i notice was that my oil pressure gauge is not where it usually is. but it is still in a normal postion. and does not move...and when i give the engine gas. it knocks yes but runs fine. other than sounds like a gear is spining when i give it gas but does not make the noise all the time. could my oil pump be shot??????please help me....... do not want to run so i don't do anymore damage.........thank you very much.....
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If it consumes oil between oil changes or as you say, it's curtains

By your description, the engine sounds wasted. However, I would check your oil pressure with a reliable hand-held gauge to see if the pressure is in spec---I'm guessing it's not.

If it is in spec, change the oil sending unit---it may be the cause of the oil loss/leak.

The engine does sound wiped though .
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but it doesn't loose or use oil. and it runs fine......????????
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"if i would dump a quart of oil in it it stops knocking."

You shouldn't have to add any oil to it. Either the upper half of the motor is clogged and there's no pressure or it's losing oil somehow.

Again, you must read the pressure with a reliable hand-held oil pressure gauge. The dash gauge doesn't tell you anything. In fact, Ford dash gauges are really idiot lights in disguise. They do not read actual oil pressure.

Do a pressure check and tell us what you find.
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i just added the oil to see what it would do. thanks.

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