Honda Civic 1986. Engine stalls while running


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Honda Civic 1986. Engine stalls while running

Engine starts and idles fine. About 5-10 minutes after driving, engine sputters and stops. After a few minutes later it can start again, goes a few feet than stalls again, this continues and angers drivers behind.

What could be the reason? The engine has been tuned and air filter changed, carb has been cleaned & spark plugs changed, the problem hasn't changed.

Could it be the ingnition module? or fuel filters - how many and where located. Or could it be the fuel pump?

Awaiting solution.
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Could be a number of things....

You might consider changing the fuel filter----you don't mention it being done.

These older carbureted Hondas aren't worth bus fare when they get old. The floats are inherently faulty by design (they absorb fuel). These are pesky to adjust and rebuild---and this one likely needs a rebuild.

Does it start right up after stalling?

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