1990 chevy s-10, considering buying


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1990 chevy s-10, considering buying

Hey all..
I'm looking at a 1990 chevy s-10, LWB with v6 engine.
The truck seems generally ok, my main concern is that the owner converted the manual transmission to an automatic, and use a 'universal' shifter. The only way you know what gear you are in is to count the detents (1 for reverse, 2 neutral, 3 drive, etc).

My other concern is that the dash temp gauge is disconnected, and an aftermarket gauge was put below the dash, which just seems odd to me.

The owner says the truck has about 120k miles on it, and a new timing chain was put on about 6k miles ago (when the transmission was converted).

It has a roll on bed liner and plastic tool box, interior is in relatively poor shape, but there is virtually no rust on the truck.

He's asking $1000 for it, which is about the cheapest truck I've found, and it's meet my criteria (v6, auto, lwb, cheap)

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short and sweet buy a ford
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I'd test drive it several miles and make sure you drive it at highway speeds and slow speeds.If all seems ok,then i'd probably buy it.It's hard to find a truck for $1000.00 that will even go down the road!!
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I am an old ford guy also, but we used to use those old chevy s-10's for work trucks at csuf security, and backstage at disneyland.

They are workhorses. I gained a lot of respect for the older s-10's.

as long as it runs good and shifts fine--you should be ok.

just as a precaution, I would always suggest a compression check when buying a used car for transportation.
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Sounds like a thousand too much to me. Who knows how good the conversion is? Cobbled together, more problems than you can shake a stick at. Pun intended or not, you take it for face value

Chevy trucks are as common as doo poo and you can find a mint one in this vintage for not much more than this one. Check any autotrader, dealer or internet classified section.

Spend wisely, and skip this one.
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I agree with the general consensus...Most likely the engine is a 2.8 which was an ok engine up to a point..If it was converted, which transmission did they stick in? Was the tranny rebuilt before installing? A high milage 700r4 was kind of weak in the overdrive area back then.. The instrument cluster was prone to electrical malfunctions (hence the aftermarket guage??)
I'd keep shopping around..
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