88 camry overheating


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Question 88 camry overheating

88 toyota camry 2.0L(4cyl) 160Kmiles

it will run at normal temperature for 10 min driving around town, then it starts to heat up. also when i drive it on the highway(65mph) it runs hot(3/4). but when i slow down the gauge will drop at normal temp(1/4). i purchased a new radiator 2 yrs ago and filled it with anti-freeze, so i flushed it and fluid had a brownish color and i added fresh new water but that didnt seem to help... can someone help. thanks
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Brown in the cooling system means it's wiped out with rust.

It should be reversed flushed to remove all the junk. Go to any parts store and get a Prestone flush and fill kit to accomplish that.

The rest of the cooling system is likely trashed if you have rust in it like that.

You also likely have a stuck thermostat as well.
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a stuck thermostat

thanks joe! the problem was a stuck thermostat...another successfull DIYer
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There you have it. But you must flush out the rust and scale or it will return and ruin things again .

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