antifreeze loss?


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antifreeze loss?

1997 GMC 4x4 Xtra cab w/350 engine (66k miles). I noticed the radiator coolant overflow tank was below the cold line (about a quarts worth) when the engine was cold.
Two questions:
1.) Is there a potential problem with the loss (truck runs fine with no visual leaks) or does does water evaporate over time?
2.) The antifreeze currently in the tank is reddish/orange in color and I have NAPA antifreeze which is green. Does it hurt anything to mix the two?
Thanks for the response.
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there should be no significant coolant loss happening. If you are losing on a steady basis and it's not leaking, you're burning it and that's not good.

DO NOT MIX green coolant with what you have: DEX-COOL. Read your owner's manual, dex-cool has long life qualities that will be negated if you mix a different style coolant with it. Furthermore, GM does not recommend mixing coolant types.

If this is the first time since 1997 that you've seen your coolant drop, there should be no issue. If the coolant continues to drop, you have a problem.
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I agree with Otter.
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