transmission - 97 Mazda 626


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transmission - 97 Mazda 626

Coming from a start, when the car upshifts the first time it jolts into gear. Then when coming to a stop it sometimes shakes a bit and feels like its going to kill, but it doesn't, it just settles down in about 15 seconds.
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Sounds like it has internal failure. When was the last time the fluid and filter were changed? Mileage?

Have it checked out professionally by a competent repair shop or tranny shop.
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Has 95K. I bought it recently so I don't know the history. How do I get to the filter?
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It's under the tranny pan if so equipped. Not all cars have them.
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Sounds like the torque convertor lockup solenoid (TCS) is going out.
It's locking at soon as you start moving, and doesn't want to unlock when you come to a stop. Eventually, it'll either not lock, or not unlock.

First, check to make sure there is a good, solid ground wire between the engine and the frame and that the tranny has the proper TYPE and amount of fluid in it, also consider a filter change.

If that's good, disconnect the wire that feeds the TCS and go for a few drives, if it doesn't do it anymore, you've isolated the problem. You can drive the car with it disconnected, but gas mileage will suffer slightly.

On some cars, this part can be changed without removing the transmission. On others, it's physically inside the case, which requires the whole thing be pulled.

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