Hard to start when cold


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Question Hard to start when cold

My 1985 Dodge Ram Mini van 2.6 liter engine. 229k mileage,4cyl,carburated, have problem starting in the morning when it is cold. press pedal 3 times start shuts off in 5second, press pedal 3 times start shuts off in 8 second after 3rd or 4th attemts it stays on and also it smell fuel when it is idiling. not enough power when running. Help me please. Thanks in advance
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it likley has a bad choke pulloff which is causing to rich of a mixture when vehicle starts which would explain why it smells like gas, probably also has a weak accelerator pump if you have to pump the gas pedal that much to start it also, you may have to replace the carb, or find a shop wich will work on the carb on this model, the van may not be worth putting a lot of money into as i recall a rplacement remanufactured carb is rather expensive. probably more than the van is worth.
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BeJay stated it politely but stated it well--these are junk.

If the van is in good shape, spend the money and have it tuned up and have the carburetor rebuilt professionally. These have pesky carburetors on them and it takes someone with a lot of patience and knowledge to set them up to run well and right.

If the van is in bad shape, not worth sticking any money into it as these 2.6 engines are notoriously unreliable and expensive to fix.
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