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Thumbs up Good vibrations :)

Figured I would take my 1979 Pontiac Trans Am 10th Anniversary 400 4 speed for a spin as I have to take photos of it for an upcoming book anyhow .

Pulled it out, charged up the battery and turned the key. On the second try, the Pontiac 400 fired up and sounded like an old friend. Commanding, powerful, and smooth as silk. Shifting into first gear, it lurched off like a rocket and the tach would rise and fall with every blip of the throttle.

As I went around the neighborhood, the stares are always fun. It's always a joy to get some thumbs up from passerby.

Went to the park where I took the photos and cleared out some debris in the area to make it neat there . Even a guy walking his dog said, "Hey, can Knight over here get in the photo with that car? They sure don't make them like that anymore! That's one sharp car". After thanking him and giving the pooch a pat on the head (nice dog), he went on his way.

Old friends never let us down . Took some nice photos, let's see what they use in the photo shoot .
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They sure don't make em like they used to. GM, Dodge, or Ford pretty much make junk cars anymore. In my opinion.

Thumbs up on keeping the '79 TA running. Granted I don't know what the '79 model looks like I still give you due credit.

A co-worker has a Pontiac TA Bandit Edition with a 6.6L I think that is in prestine condition. I don't know the year. Does it look anything like that?
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My Grandpa had a '73 Catalina with a 400 in it. I can't imagine a 400 in a Trans Am! That Catalina was a TANK but it moved quite well down the road. I remember my dad burning the tires a couple of times in it.
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Yes, it is the same shape as those cars seen in Smokey and the Bandit I and II.

Smokey I features a 1977 Trans Am, Smokey II features a 1980 Turbo. Both are black special editions.

Mine is a 10th Anniversary Limited Edition model, one of only 1,817 made with a 400 and a 4 speed in 1979. Very rare car .

1970 to 1981 Firebirds and Camaros are the same basic shape . One of the best designs in the world

Jason: The 400 Pontiac engine was Pontiac's workhorse motor from 1967 to 1979 . It was used in just about everything!
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'79 was a great body style! I hated it when they scaled down the firebirds and camaros. They were made to look more like the POS vega.
Post some pictures and letus check it out!
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You can check out the cars by:

1) Going to
2) Typing in "10th anniversary Trans Am".

The first hit should be the website that I am the moderator of .

I have always liked the Trans Am---only when it was Pontiac powered, the only way it should come .

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