1997 Honda civic DX


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1997 Honda civic DX

4 door Civic Dx Air conditioning is the only option on the car. 5spd manual trans with Manual windows and locks.

Here's my question....

Hope you can help. Steering wheel developed some free play about a month ago. Especially noticeable in the cold. You could turn the wheel back and forth about 1/2 ich and feel it hitting something before the wheels would turn. Barely discernable but it was there. The dealer looked at it and said all was ok?!

This morning, got in the car and jiggled the wheel a bit as I backed it out of the barn, heard a click and then suddenly no more play in the wheel. - Wife called 5 minutes ago and told me that turn signals don't turn off by themselves after going around a turn.

I'm very confused. Can I take the steering wheel off and look at the pedastal switches myself or does the airbag make this impossible?

I did run a search before posting, but only found similar questions with no answers.


P.S. What's the best manual out there for this car?
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You likely have a bad turn signal switch assembly.

Yes, the wheel has to come off to do the job, and yes the airbag is involved---which means unless you have the tools, knowhow and service procedures to handle air bag systems, bring it in and have it professionally serviced.

The best and only manual you should buy for this car is the factory Honda manual. My "The Basics" below has links of where you can purchase them.

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