1993 Taurus/ No Start

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1993 Taurus/ No Start

I recently purchased a 1993 Ford Taurus GL, Automatic Transmission, 4 Door Sedan. The engine is a 6 cylinder, but I am unsure as to whether it is a 3.8 or 3.0. The receipts for repair work in the glove compartment indicate the vehicle has a history of stalling and running hot. I am of the impression that the stalling problem has never been fixed properly. Several sensors have been replaced and the distributor cap and rotor have been replaced twice. The history of overheating may have been different problems, but most recently(Sept. 02) it looks like the radiator was replaced. I believe the real problem is the heater core. While not necessarily related to my immediate "no start" problem, you never know, it may trigger a memory for some one that could indicate the problem is related. Several weeks ago, I cut the car off while sitting in a drive through lane at a fast food joint as I smelled anti-freeze, and did not want it to overheat. Well, just my luck, it would not crank back up. After several fruitless attempts to jumpstart the car, a man w/ heavy duty cables was able to get it going by holding the cables on top of the terminals. The car started w/ no problem until yesterday. A neighbor w/ heavy duty cables was able to jump start it normally on the first try. Cranked like a charm all day 'til I stopped at my mailbox that evening. Have not been able to crank the car since. The battery has the juice- interior lights, headlamps, radio, power seats, windows, locks, and door chimes all work. Tried a neighbor's new battery in it- would not crank. It won't even turn over. There is a buzzing/humming sound when turning the key, but no fire. I am a single parent w/ a limited budget and would like to try and find the problem and fix it my self. It looks like the starter is easily accesssible if it is the prob. What do I need to check first in tracing the problem down? What kind of tools do I need?I called a dealer and must order the service manual and I don't have time for that. My car is my lifeline. I went to the autolibrary site and was not able to access those particular pages. I have replaced a radiator, hoses, alternator, thermostat and other minor things on previous vehicles so I am no longer intimidated, but I am still a novice. It has just occurred to me that I might need to check the re-set button for the fuel pump, but I have not hit anything , not even a big pot hole- could the fuel pump shut off randomly? If it did, woul d it have been possible to re-start the car w/ cables on those two previous occasions? Please help me!!! Oh, the lock cylinder is "jiggly" for the ignition.
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Yes, the starter may be at fault. Next time it happens, rap on the starter body with a hammer (don't go ape). If the vehicle now starts, bad starter. Check the connections (battery, starter, solenoid) closely---you're likely to find something corroded or rotted. Sometimes jumping it works for a while. You may also have a faulty starter solenoid (fender mounted on most Fords).

As for overheating, if you do indeed have the 3.8 engine, pitch the car now while you can still get some money for it. The 3.8 liter Ford is a notorious gasket blower and repairs to it may exceed the value of the car. Depending on the mileage, Ford extended some 3.8 warranties, but it might be a fight to get them to do anything on a 10 year old vehicle like that.

Read the receipts carefully and tell us what it says---they could be a key to what is wrong here. The more information the better.

As for autolibrary, it usually works, sometimes you have to wait a while and try again, as the pages go down. What do ya want for free ?

An OEM service manual doesn't have to be ordered from the Ford dealer---in fact it's cheaper buying it on your own through Helminc.com or finding a used one.

Unfortunately, the Taurus was not the bastion of quality in this time period, tranny and cooling system issues plague most 86-95 Taurus and Sable models. They were a collosal letdown.

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