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Question automatic transmission fluid

I own a 2000 Pontiac Montana which I keep on a regular maintenance schedule. At 60,000 km they suggest a tranny flush and new gaskets, in your opinion how important is this?? I recall in the earlier years with my past automobiles that this was not suggested and was never performed, and maybe I was lucky but I never had transmission problems. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thank-you in advance.

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Tranny fluid and filter changes (if there is a serviceable filter) should be done every 25k miles like clockwork.

Anything beyond that is a gamble.
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Read your owners manual. Your vehicle has Dexron III SYNTHETIC transmission fluid. Severe (Canada) maintenance schedule calls for replacing fluid and filter at 80000 kilometres.
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Joe's theory:

Trannies cost thousands. Fluid changes cost you 25 bucks if you do it yourself. I'm with changing the fluid to remove the trash that floats around with that.

While I agree with adhering to the maintenance schedule, the only way to remove dirt and particles in the fluid is to change it. Synthetic doesn't help ya in this case.

I can tell you that with 25k fluid changes all of my trannies in all of my GM's could be put back on the shelf and sold as NOS. LOL. All shift perfectly.

TLC keeps it going .
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true enough, but I do see a lot of trannies with DEX III in em where the fluid is clean and red at the 80k mark.


cheap insurance - agreed.
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As was the fluid in my 84 Olds 88 when I changed it last year, but who knows when it was done? I didn't find any record of that in what my uncle gave me (almost every bill is there from 1984 on) so I wanted to be on the safe side. 5 quarts of Castrol Dex III and a Delco filter kit and I was on my way.

True, you could have poured the fluid that came out back into a bottle, but now I have a record of when I did it .

Also if you tow a trailer, use it for commercial use, etc, it's probably severe service times 2 .
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