engine not starting after running around town. faulse heat readings


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Lightbulb engine not starting after running around town. faulse heat readings

I have a iroc z with a 350 (4.7 tpi eng), automatic trans, new alt. new fuel pump , new spark plug wires , realitivly new water pump, and 64378 mils. The problem is that when I start up the car and drive for a while (to or from work on the freeway) the car is fine , if I shut it off it will start back up most of the time no problem. This is the problem , if I do the same drive but hit heavy traffic , or get off the freeway and drive around town them stop the car will not start for an 1/2 to 1hr later. The starter will not engauge at all (no clicking or any thing), and the water heat guage is peaked out when I turn the key. If I just turn it alittle it will give the correct heat (which is no were near the read I get when I try to start it). The car is not hot but I think a sensor is telling the computer that I am over heated so don't turn over. Oh I just put a new cat on the car a few months ago but this problem was going on before I change the spark plug wire's , cat then it desapered until a couple of weeks ago. The car's lights dimm when I turn the key , but I can't hear any thing going on around me that could be draining the power. The sound you get when you place the key in the slot deosn't even come on when it play it little no start game( I get a buzz normaly). do you guys have any idea's what it could be , it's driving me crazy . thank you for your time
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cant explain the heat except maybe a thermostat.but sounds like to me time for a starter.A/C DELCO what i recommend..wait for other post.JOE F WILL KNOW
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My 2 cents again

I would lean towards the starter myself. The reason is because small block chevys are prone to starter problems because it is located so close to the exaust.I have had this problem with a 350 chevy truck I had.
The starter gets heat soaked and gets to much resistance in its windings. Works good cold but after heating up wont work till cool.
If it is your starter do yourself a favor get a Delco and not a pep boys special. Better yet if you have two cars get that one rebuilt that way you wont have to shim it.Joe is a GM kinda guy lets see what he says.
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I agree. Does it have headers? What year is it?

If there's a heat shield on the starter that should be there, replace it. A dealer can verify if it has one from the parts catalogs.

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