91 Honda Accord Driveshaft problem


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91 Honda Accord Driveshaft problem

In short, they are shattered. I have remanufacted "CV axles" from Autozone to replace the parts, but I have no clue how to go about it. I am somewhat adept at auto work, I just haven't done this before. I would seriously appreciate any help. It could very well save me quite a bit of money.
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How did they shatter if you mean both axles?I had an instance where the auto trans locked up and (shattered) both cv shafts.
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Check autolibrary.org below for the R&R, but I agree with Davo.
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It's a manual with out abs, and I think the cause was several. It has 200k miles, so wear and tear. It served as a first car for two teenage males. They weren't kind to the mechanics of the car. Hill hopping, that sort of thing.
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simple repair

to replace the cv axle shafts in that type of car you first remove the whell then the axle shaft nut in center of hub. you then have to take the lower ball joint loose useing the proper tool. after seperateing the ball joint from the a frame assembly you pull outward on the rotor/ hub assembly to get the outer end of the shaft loose when the outer end is loose you need to go to the inner end at the tranny and simple pry the shaft straight out of the tranny(you will loose some fluid at this point) to reinstall the shaft just reverse the process makeing sure you get the shaft completely into the tranny so the seal ride around the shaft collar and does not leak. this process will work on either left or right side shafts.

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