96 town&country van


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96 town&country van

Hi, what I would like to find out is what a squib drive is and what its purpose is on the van.The check engine light is on ,I had it checked and this is what came up. Thanks Kent
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do you actually know the code number that came up in the computer it may be more help i have never heard of squib drive?
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I don't have the code number,wish I did. I to have never heard of this part.
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If you have an Autozone nearby have the codes read for free. The only thing that I associate that term with is an electrical driver for a squib charge such as the one that might deploy an airbag. This may be a term for another electrical driver circuit but without a code I'm lost also.
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Thanks for the reply,I think your right about that being for the air bags, I had the clockspring replaced and it took care of that problem,a recall item to,got it for free!Autozone no longer does that in Calif. they were told they couldn't by the state.I can no longer use them in the future,to bad for all of us.My check engine light is on and the van runs a little rough when you first start it up, then smooths out and runs fine,any ideas on that? How about a way to get the codes? the old wire method work on 96 and above?
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No, you need a scanner or code reader to pull your codes. You can get some pretty inexpensive ones at Autozone and other parts/retailers.

I have not heard about it being "illegal" for a parts store to pull codes in any state. If that's the case, I won't be moving to your state anytime soon.

What's next, they'll tell you not to drive on certain days of the week?

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