Question for auto techs


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Question for auto techs

Just purchased a laptop for myself to use at the shop,and I need a little help. Do any of you or your fellow techs use a PC based scan tool at the shop (not a Tech2, OTC, Snap-on,etc..), but a genuine "aftermarket" OBDII diagnostic adaptor to hook up to a PC.

I plan on using this laptop for access to GM Dealerworld, SI2000, Toyota TIS and as a vehicle link simultaneously. Got this to ease a little congestion(We have 1 computer access, 1 Tech2, 1 Tech1, 1 Toyota scan tool to use amongst 7 techs in 11 bays - boy if that doesn't create a bottleneck if somebody needs to flash a vtd module.) Had to do something - higherups only see 3-4 grand out of pocket - can't see the ROI in more work getting done- only an expense. Kinda sad for Oldsmobile-Cadillac-Toyota dealer.

OK, enough ranting, I really want to get the scan tool that EASE diagnostics puts out- but the version I want is nearly 2 grand-don't know if I want to part with that much right now. Looking at possibly an AUTOTAP system to start out with and then upgrade to EASE brand. Anybody use either system? I know the EASE system should do anything I expect it to do due to the research on the web but no so sure if AUTOTAP will do enough of what I need.
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My personal .02:

Get your company to front it for you. If they cannot give you tools to do the job, the job won't get done---or done right.

Write up a proposal and give it to management. I think they'd be impressed by your research even here and would probably consider it if you put it in a format they'd like. Maybe an Excel spreadsheet or some kind of cost sheet where they can see the benefit. Make sure you follow up with them.

"Hey Mr. Smith---I was wondering where we stood with that proposal I sent you".

At work, I simply just tell them what I need and they usually comply. If not, I just let the facts be the facts and then it's asked of me, "Can we get this??" Sure, been available for two years .

I remember fighting for a Ford microfiche reader for the department. We used to use paper books that had to be updated PAGE BY PAGE manually! And management said, "you don't need to go to microfiche for Ford".

A year of arguing (we formed small groups and rotated the updating chore) and eventually they said to me, "Do you think we can get a reader?????" I said sure. I probably met every finance guy in the company for a 5000 dollar machine. LOL. People in finance STILL say hello to me about that. LOL.

Long and short of it? We now have the DVD based Microcat which covers 1980 and up and takes 1/2 hour to update by pushing a button. LOL.

I've since gone electronic on almost everything possible for our department for all makes, and move more and more each year away from microfiche and parts books. You'll always have fiche, some systems cost thousands of dollars. Most don't though.

My point to you: If you are making an investment for yourself, fine, I think you'll get good feedback here. You might also try the IATN network as well, you'll get great feedback there.

However, if it's for the company, do your homework and get them to give you the green for it. Show them it's worth it!

Good luck. I've been there and gotten the money to get what our department needs ! LOL
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