95 beretta think it's the t-stat?

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Question 95 beretta think it's the t-stat?

Hello, first of all I want to think you for your time. Now my girlfriend has a 95 beretta. One night we started her car and it wasn't 5 min. and the temp hand was on hot then I pulled over and it went back to normal. We'll every since then it has been doing to same thing it gets up to almost in the red on the temp. guage and then it will go back down. The heater also blows cold air sometimes. Other than that i have not noticed anything different exept today she was on her way to work and it got hot and didn't cool back down so she called and now it is out here in the driveway I picked up a thermostat but wanted to post this before I got started working on it incase it was not the thermostat but please tell me if you know. thank you -kevin
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Thats the cheapest and best start to resolving your problem. Sounds like the thermostat is sticking either open or closed. You should also take the time to flush the system and install the proper mix of fresh coolant/water.
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i totally agree 100%
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I also agree with the other two, that is textbook troubleshooting.
But if you have a 3.1L engine in that car and over 80,000 miles, and the t-stat doesnt fix it, sit down and grit your teeth you have a blown head gasket, or cracked head/block.
I am a little bitter about the mid 90 3.1L engine both my 95 monte carlo and her 95 grand am 3.1 s have had serious head problems in the last year, mine was pouring anti freeze into the oil which trashed the bearings and hers was pouring antifreeze into the cylinder which trashed the plug(car ran very rough) and poured white smoke out of the tail pipe.
The reason told to me for the extreme change in temp gauge and heat output, is that not only is antifreeze going into the cylinder but exhaust gas is going in to the cooling system. This gas pressure builds up like a heat blanket in the top of the manifold which causes the engine to overheat then it burps itself out of the overflow bottle or radiator cap causing the temp to come down and heat to come out of the heater for a few minutes, then repeats itself.I hope it is just the t-stat for ya, had to junk both cars!! head work to expensive! please post back I am curious what the problem is.
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One more thing, anyone who suspects these symptoms can have it analyzed at a well outfitted mechanic who has a "sniffer"
A machine that detects Carbon monoxide gas"exhaust" in the coolant system. I believe they look for under 1000 ppm( parts per million)

Curious to see how ya come out
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Replace the thermostat and flush the system. Refill to capacity. Failing that, do as the others suggested.
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thx everyone!

I just wanted to tell you all thx. And we got the new thermostat in but not got everything back together. Mainly becouse the weather and the car is a mother to fix but thx for the sugestions!
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Well it was the head gaskett.

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