stalls after about 10minutes


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stalls after about 10minutes

hello i own a 1986 Honda Accord has over 250,000 kms on it with a 6 cylinder motor and five speed transmission, dont know the exact size of motor. It has been extremely cold the last few weeks so added gas line antifreeze well after about 10 minutes running time th emotor will stall, like its not get any gas after about an half hour it will start and run fine. I have changed fuel filters and check fuel pressure , every thing seems fine but it still does this once in awhile so cant trust it .Well any help will be well appreciated Thanks Justdoit529
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The first thing I would do when it doesnt start is to check for spark. Hondas are known for having bad ignitors/ignition modules that can get heat sensitive. It is also possible that the fuel pump is on its way out and just giving you an advance warning. Maybe the gasline anti freeze loosened some crud which is about to finish off the pump? You might try double checking the pump pressure when the vehicle fails.
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Are you sure it's a 6 cylinder - the reason I ask is because I've never seen an 86 with a 6 cylinder. I believe the V6 appeared in 96.

Anywho, Hondas are also well known for faulty fuel pump relays (if it's fuel injected), you might want to check that pesky little guy first. I hope this helps.

Good luck!
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All 86 Accords (at least the U.S. destined ones) are 2.0 liter engines. It came MFI and carb. LXi models are fuel injected, others are carbureted.

Start with my "The Basics" below and follow what Stevo said.
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