who's got electrical schematics/wiring diagrams?

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who's got electrical schematics/wiring diagrams?

1992 isuzu stylus
1992 Isuzu Stylus; 4-door, 1.8 liter, 5-speed. my driver side front turn signal keeps burning out. appearently there is a short somewhere in the wiring.. does anyone have the electrical schematics for this? or does anyone have knowledge of any links where i can obtain this diagram free of charge?
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Chilton's online does not have any diagrams for your car. The only free ones online would be if someone has posted them on a particular site. You can find some for about $10 on up, try searching www.google.com. You might consider going to your local library or picking up a manual at the local parts store.

If you are having the same bulb burn out than here are a few things to check. Is the replacement bulb a good quality bulb-lots of Chinese junk out there. The sockect that it plugs into may need to be cleaned or replaced. The ground at that particular light may be bad or at other lights on that circuit. Check your side marker lights and rear lights for proper bulbs and grounds. You might try pulling out the entire lamp assembly and checking for contamination as some cars have a nasty habit of battery acid or coolant leaking into certain lights.
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Alternatively, you could spend 25 bucks and get an Alldata.com subscription for the vehicle. It lasts one year. Granted, it's worth more than the car...lol .

An OEM manual is your best bet, but is quite expensive unless you find a used one on the 'net. Check Ebay and in google as suggested.

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thank you for the info, it was for my mother-in-law's boyfriend- he took it to a 'mechanic' whom has had the car for two weeks, ordered the prt (relay or fuse block or something) for a mere $220.00+! so, it's not my problem any longer, but this guy doesn't know s#@t about electrical. Oh well, you can lead a horse to water...... thanks guys.

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