Service Engine Light


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Service Engine Light

I have a 1999 Chev. Silverado, Z-71, 5.3 liter. The service engine light comes on. I took it to AUTOZONE and had them check the computer. The diagnostic tool showed the knock sensor was bad. The knock sensors were replaced by the dealer, They told me that the same thing would continue to happen if I didn't have them reprogram the computer with the updates and have my injectors cleaned along with the fuel filter replaced. What gives? If there's computer updates to my particular vehicle then I think that this should be a recall issue. DO you think that I'm getting the run around? I have access to the equipment to replace the fuel filter and clean the injectors. Would this be suffice?


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not having your fuel injectors cleaned being the cause of your knock sensor(s) going bad is a pile of baloney.

Re: programming updates. Out of warranty? Minimal charge will apply for technician's time. Typically takes 30 minutes to re-flash the PCM.

Recall: safety related - no charge

TSB (Technical Service Bulletin): Head's up from mfg, not free once out of warranty.
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I agree with Otter. Updates occur all the time, and it's often the first thing a tech will check when a car comes in.

You might have some fight as you had issues similar to it under warranty which seemingly may not have been addressed.

Back to your dealer to unravel the mystery and see what you can learn and perhaps get out of them.
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