tach signal wire


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tach signal wire

i want to install a tachometer, wondering which wire to hook it to on a 92 mercury grand marquis 4.6 liter. would it be the crank position wire?
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There is a module (EDIS) that sits on the driver's side inner fender well. I believe it's the second wire from the front of the car. It should be orange /tan in colour.

It works for me.

Good luck.
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More problems that it's worth. I don't recommend this. You'll have to tap into multiplexed harnesses and risk opening up a real can of worms. It's also distributorless so there's no pickup as you would in an HEI GM.

You'd never have the need for a tach in a Grand Marquis. It's a luxury cruiser and you'd NEVER red line this .
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It doesn't matter if I "need it" I want one. I like to see whats going on while I drive.

Non-helping comments should be kept out of this forum.
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Get yourself an OEM manual or an Alldata.com subscription. The only way you'll do it correctly.

Or just call the tach company you buy the part from and ask them. Simple enough.

A tach on this car tells you NOTHING. It is not a manual transmissioned car. Most MT cars have tachs as that helps you decide where to shift. Since an automatic transmission is just that, automatic, what is a tach going to tell ya?

You're pretty wet behind the ears, chief. I have removed more "owner installed" equipment that people THOUGHT would do them good and in the long run caused more problems than it's worth with ZERO benefit. Everything from alarms to tachs to "repairs".

The wiring in your car is pretty complex, by the way .

My comment was meant to prevent you from having subsequent problems (which I know an aftermarket tach will eventually cause), but if you're hellbent on it, whatever rocks ya socks .

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