Installing a fuel filter...

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Installing a fuel filter...

2001 Mazda Millenia
V6 2.5 Liter DOHC
36,000 miles

I just gave my car a tune-up and wanted to replace the fuel filter too. I heard that these things weren't that hard to install so I was just wondering if there were any important things that I should know before I do it. I've never installed one before and was just looking for some guidance. It's one of those fuel filters that connects to the gas hose on both ends.
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just make sure you let the system drop pressure. If possible let it sit a few hours prior to taking the old filter off an don't turn the ignition, fuel will go everywhere. also get the flow correct on the filter. other than that its a simple job. good luck.
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Generally pretty easy but....

Many Japanese cars have banjo washers and hoses which can be a pain . Make sure you use new copper washers if this application has that kind of setup.

Should purchase a repair manual on the vehicle as well to guide you for this and future repairs.
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bad experience

I should mention I had a unique problem while doing the first fuel filter change for this 96 Camry. It was impossible to unscrew the fitting off the filter- the threads were damaged during the fuel line to filter assembling in the factory and the dealer refused to see that. He was blaming me for damaging the fitting while trying to get it off.
It was soo hard to remove- every turn was as hard the the one before- it never came lose. consquently the fitting became distorted as a result of trying so hard until I finally gave up and had the car towed to the dealer since it was still under warranty.
I tried to explain that it would be impossible for me to damage the thread unscrewing it- how could I damage the thread if I never unthreaded it before -this is the first filter change. I did many filter changes before on other fuel injected cars and never had this situation occur. He ended up replacing the entire fuel line at my expense.( the entire line going to the filter is one peice. )
as rare as this situation is -Just watch out for it. if unscrewing the fitting does not get easier as you turn then stop and take it to the dealer and have them worry about it- you could have a factory defect as I did. ( i figured the guy on the assembly line damaged the thread while screwing it ON and keeped going even if he was doing more damage threading it wrong to avoid getting in trouble and having to report it.)

As a result of this horrible experience; I vowed never to buy a Toyota again. they keep mailing me their service coupons and I take them right to the trash. No more Toys.
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you can also take the gas cap off to release the pressure
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Japanese cars with those banjo fittings can be a gazorch. The GM's have a simple metal line which doesn't freeze in place. A little WD40 and it comes loose with a flare wrench .

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