94 Sentra Power Loss


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94 Sentra Power Loss

driving to work today in blizzard conditions and i stater to lose power.

i have a 1994 nissan sentra, 92k miles, automatic.

first my radio cuts out (it stays on but no volume). i had the headlights, wipers, fans and rear defrost on. the wipers started to go very slow and the fans did not have much power. at one point i started to stall so i turned the lights off and the engine stayed running. to keep it running i only used the headlights but turned them off every 20 seconds when i used the wipers.

i was driving in stop and go traffic through this. at one point i had a half mile stretch where i did close to 50mph and the wipers were fine....but as soon as i slowed the pwer was weak again.

does this sound like an alternator or just a bad battery? (battery is old) i have a battery charger at home so i'll hook it up after work and it should tell me right away if the battery is dead.

any suggestions?
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could be a slipping belt from the snow getting in there. could be the battery. could be the charger.

have the charging system checked out, autozone and others do this for free.

anything for free is good
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Wasted alternator, battery and possibly the connections too--inspect closely.

As noted, change the belt at the same time as well.

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