96 Voyager - engine et al


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96 Voyager - engine et al

I had a 91 Caravan that I ended up using one of the oil thickeners (engine honey or smoke away if i remember right - it was one of the ones been around forever - not one of the new ones they sell on infomercials) and it got rid of the smoke and some of the 'tick' for some period of time (maybe 2months, maybe a year - can't remember, long time ago) Anyway, what's the consensus on these - i know they're not miracle workers, but the concept of heavier oil makes sense to me. Any harm to it? -

My 96 Voyager 3.0 (97k) is starting to 'tick' away 2k after oil changes and is burning oil (2qts per 3k), i know this is standard for this engine. Probably will buy rebuilt in spring or summer (whenever it dies), just want to put it off alap. Is valve job worth it - my mechanic says that will be next stop.

Also - does anyone know - can i retrofit captains chairs for my middle bench seat - my wife will fight me on a rebuilt engine so if i can do a couple things like the seats, better radio etc i may win a battle.
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Spend the money on a rebuilt Mopar engine if you're going to keep this one. Has all the updated parts and fixes in it which might fix some earlier issues or not be caught by aftermarket rebuilders of engines.

Do a value assessment on the vehicle. Find out what it would cost to replace it with something similar or better. If you can replace it with something better for the same or a few bucks more, do it---Chrysler minivans are lackluster and of cheap quality. Big on features and layout, poorly screwed together.

As for retrofitting captains chairs---no. The floor structure is probably not set up with the proper brackets and anchor points for both seat mounting and safety belt mounting. Do not compromise the floor in any way as the crash worthiness of the vehicle could be compromised. If you're hell bent on having capitans chairs, see this as a good opportunity to pitch the van and pick up one that has them factory installed.

Goo in a can will probably slow it down but not stop it. Might keep it going for a while. Chances are though, that the motor is wasted after that and it's not worth rebuilding that one---swap in a rebuilt instead.

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