'98 626 hesitates

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'98 626 hesitates

I have a '98 626, 4 cylinder with 75,000 miles on it.

When I de-accelerate or coast and then quickly accelerate, it hesitates and sometimes the check engine light appears then disappears. Sometimes there is a "pop" like a ballon popping. From a dead stop, everything is fine. When I drive at high speeds, it is fine also.

I had the 60,000 mile service done 10,000 miles ago. I just had the fuel injectors clean. That helped, but didn't solve the problem. Any ideas what to check next?
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Go to any Autozone, have them pull the codes that are setting the check engine light and tell us what they find.
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Finally got around to it...

...the guy ran the codes and said "it has a misfire in zone 3." That was about all I got out of him. Perhaps a bad plug or wires?
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This was probably the code that came up?
Result for code: p0303

Manufacturer Description
SAE Standard=Cylinder no. 3 - Misfire Detected
Probable Cause=Ignition/Fuel/EGR system, Crankshaft Position sensor, Air Gap incorect, Mechanical Fault

I would start with the basics and replace the plugs and wires and see what happens. Use good quality wires like NAPA or OEM and install only the type plug recommended for the car. Many of the parts jockeys behind the counters like to sell their Gold Plated Nuclear Power spark plugs..they should stick to selling air fresheners.
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I agree with Stevo. Check the basics.

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