check engine light/92 Honda Accord

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Unhappy check engine light/92 Honda Accord

I have a code 41 which means heater on O2 sensor
I replaced O2 sensor. Had someone check the wires / 1
goes to EF Injector resistors/ The other to ECU.
Mechanic says these connections are good.
Was showing there is a short somewhere between these wires. Next mechanic assumption is the ground on the ECU
is not working properly.
Wasting time and money. But too cheap to go to the
Dealer. Have also replaced the ECU to no avail.
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there could still be a short. cut wire, something like that. connect an ohm-meter on each end of a wire and wiggle the wires. ohms will go to infinity if there is a short.
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Ya know the problem, just find a guy that is willing to solve it for ya . They are on the right track. Why they would bail out now is beyond me.

The dealer may have been the cheaper route anyhow.
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accord ground?

I spoke to the mechanic he said his helper did wiggle the two
wires coming from the O2 sensor heater. received .60 ohms
continuity or resistance. Should there be any resistance at all.
Maybe the wire that goes through the main relay then to the ECU
would have some resistance. Mechanic spoke to a friend who
specializes in electrical/foriegn cars BMW Blaa Blaa Blaa
This gentleman told my mechanic it must be one of the ground to the body or engine.
Please reply.
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It sounds like your mechanic needs some education .

Tell him to crack open an Alldata machine, a factory book, Motor book, or for Pete's sake, at minimum for free. He should be able to tell you where the problem lies, it's his business.

If he cannot help you, bail out and bring it to someone with a clue. You shouldn't have to do his diagnostic work for him.

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