1992 Ranger prob.

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Cool 1992 Ranger prob.

Ok, I and boyfriend have a 92 Ford ranger. After several different trips to the shop...One for an open radio wire run directly from the battery that caused me much time, money and melted wires later.....I have a new problem.
4x4 standard ..... TOTAL loss of power. The best i can get in 4th gear is about 2 1/2 on tack. 5th is just about impossible to hold because even on the highway with a little grade you must drop back into 4th and hold her to the floor. And still with a loss of power. Now what my local back yard mechanic thinks is that the timing isn't advancing. Plugs have been checked/ timing is right and most things like that. Idles great/ starts easy/ everything normal other than the total loss of power. How is the timing advanced when on a load? I have been told it's the computer? Is there any other sensor that would keep the computer from advancing the timing? I guess i'm not really pleased that i'm going to have to put another computer on this truck and more money into it. It is NOT throwing a check eng light either. Wouldn't it if the computer isn't reading some other sensor to advance the timing? When this started gas milage went thru the roof! All i get done is put gas in it however it's understandable when you have to hold it to the floor just to get up a small hill. Quite frankly we have to have this truck 4 now, however we do want to keep it for coon-huntin' later on when another truck is purchased. I guess what has me so stumped is that it runs like a top! Sounds wonderful! If you have any suggestions or even don't feel that the prob might me in the timing but something else I'LL TAKE THEM!
Sad part is, next project is upper and lower ball joints that i'm not looking forward to taking on, but aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh one must do what one must do!
Thanks in advance!
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the timing is computer controlled and the only thing you can really do is check base timing to ensure it is set at 10 degrees btdc, with spout connector disconnected.
if your base timing is set to specs there is a couple of other things that need checked that can cause loss of power such as restricted exhaust which any exhaust shop can pressure test for you to ensure there is not excessive back pressure causing loss of power.
also should have fuel pressure tested while vehicle is under load to make sure you are not losing fuel pressure which would cause a loss of power due to either a weak fuel pump or restricted fuel filter.
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Start with "The Basics" and the links and posts below in my signature file.
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Have you pulled the error codes off the computer? It almost sounds like you are in limp mode. Pull/scan the codes and see what comes up.
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What engine size is it??. If a 4 cylinder make sure the mechanic changed all 8 spark plugs.Also has the fuel filter been changed?
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You said the gas milage went through the roof, and no power...
Try running a good fuel injector cleaner, BG products makes a great one that has worked for me it is called K44 it is in a black and gold can, its not cheap but it will clean the injectors.
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I'm with BeJay's idea as well as Fordtech too. Must go through the basics first.

Fuel injection cleaner could be used, but it's not likely the problem. I'd start with the basic checks first to be sure something obvious is not missed.
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Like Stevo2 said, check the error codes in the computer,the answer should be in there.If you dont have a code reader, try going to an auto parts store. many of the chain stores (shucks,napa,autozone) will check it for you, often for free.
My guess would be the MAF (mas air flow) sensor. If it gets dirty or gummed up it will cause significant power loss under load, (ie.idles fine,no power at speed).
Just my $.02

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