leaky tailpipe

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leaky tailpipe

Talking about my '97 cougar. 4.6V8 i know water is a by-product of combustion, and its normal to leak a little water out of the tailpipe, but I am getting a ton.

in november of '01 I had the intake manifold replaced due to a recall.

my question is.... If I am losing coolant through my head gasket, will it still smell like antifreze when it comes out the tailpipe or just like water?

Im not getting any overheats, and the coolant isn't low, but I am curious.
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Yes it would smell like antyfreeze and you would have some or all of those other symtoms you mentioned too.
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You're fine as long as it's strictly water vapor. You'd know if it's antifreeze! (smell)

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