Car hesitates from a stop before moving

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Car hesitates from a stop before moving

1993 Chevy Lumina, 3.1L V6, Auto, 4door Sedan

My car hesistates from a complete stop (such as a stoplight) whenever I give it gas. It feels like it's about to die, and about 1 second later, it starts accelerating. I've very recently had the fuel filter changed, the o2 sensor, and battery. I've run heet and a couple of fuel system cleaner products through the fuel system, and I had a bottle of slick-50 added to my engine on my last oil change (late December). I can't think of any other details to add .. anyone have any ideas why it might be doing this?

Also, I seem to be losing some fuel economy .. I think that's most likely due to the very cold weather we're having here in Missouri, and all of the short trips I make to work and other places close by. But maybe it's related to the prior problem.

[edit:add] Also .. I just bought this car in August from a used car dealer. I've had few problems with it, and I'm happy with it, especially for the price ($1350), but I'm unsure what general maintenance things have been done with it. I know the serpentine belt and rear brakes were replaced when I bought it, and an oil leak was repaired (I had the car checked out before I bought it, and the dealer fixed the problems listed), but aside from that, what other things should I look into doing "just in case"? I don't know a whole lot about what general maintenance should go on.

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