94 Bonneville Transmission Probems


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Unhappy 94 Bonneville Transmission Probems

94 Pontiac Bonneville
3.8 Engine
4T60 – E Transmission Automatic

My 94 Pontiac Bonneville has started to have Transmission Problems.
It only has 180,000 miles, been a great car until now.
It started to not want to shift from 1st to 2nd, unless you helped it, ie you had to let off the gas, as if you were driving a manual shift. If you did not let off the gas it would continue in 1st , and of course the rpm’s would not come down. But if you let off the gas, it would go ahead and shift. The problem was not consistant. So harder to diagnose. Fluid levels were fine, but the tranny had not been serviced for about 80,000 miles. And I have not had to add any fluid. So I put some slick 50 in, ( I know, I know, stupid mistake). It seemed to take care of the problem, but two days later, I had no 1st gear. So I took it to the shop, and they changed the fluid and filter, and we thought that took care of the problem, as immediately had 1st gear back, and it shifted fine. The next day the original problems resurfaced, as now I have to help the car shift from 1st to 2nd by letting off the gas. Otherwise the car drives fine. On the interstate I have noticed it seems to want to shift out of overdrive sooner than before, as when going up a small hill, but it could have been doing that all along, and I just never noticed it.

“The car does not owe me anything, it has been well worth the money, and would buy another”.
Thanks for your help
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Sounds like a tired tranny. 80k is WAY too long on a tranny service. Slick 50 won't help it. Fluid and filter changes would have.
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could be stuck/sticking solenoid(s) or other internal problems.

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