Heat Troubles - Ford Taurus


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Heat Troubles - Ford Taurus

I have read the problems and diagnosis regarding heating troubles and would like to get a little feedback specific to my problem. My 1996 Ford Taurus’s heat does not get “hot” but rather it gets warm. I picked-up a thermostat from my local parts store and replaced the old one last week and this did not solve the problem.

Some Facts – The thermostat my local parts store provided me did not have a “jiggle valve” which the original part had, but I put the replacement in anyhow figuring the parts store knows more than I. The temperature gauge in the car does not seem to maintain a consistent temperature. By this I mean that it seems that the engine warms up slowly, when the gauge moves up to less than one-half of the way to the middle it stays there for about one minute and then all of a sudden the temperature drops down and the gauge will be at about one-quarter. This fluctuation in temperature keeps occurring. I would have thought that the temperature should have stayed consistent with virtually no fluctuation.

Is it possible that I have a bad thermostat? Should I pick-up a Ford replacement thermostat which might solve my problem? Anyone know what a “jiggle valve” does?

Thanks for your help!!!
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Ford Tauruses of this vintage have had numerous problems with no heat and such. The water pump impellers rot out and this causes problems.

My cousin has this same heap of a car too---always heating problems. We changed the thermostat and water pump---the water pump actually rotted away.

There's a bulletin from Ford on this problem---check alldata.com. It involves backflushing and installing a bypass kit.
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The jiggle valve is intended to assist in purging trapped air; the thermostat is oriented with the jiggle valve in the upper 12 o'clock position. Some thermostats have a small hole also used for this purpose; they also should be installed with the hole towards the top-
If you have trapped air in the cooling system, it could cause the curent fluctuations you're seeing.
Did you try the backflushing for the original no heat problem as Joe mentioned, in case the core is clogged?

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